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creating a green, secure world... with clean air and thriving ecosystems... now let’s create a closed loop...

Our world

spinning on green hydrogen

By offering a large-scale, cost-effective hydrogen solution - accelerating us towards a successful energy turnaround from 2025.

Giving rise to a circular, closed-loop system

Securing our energy supply and setting us on a direct course to a greener, better planet – for current and future generations.

Our model is to create disruptive, sustainable carbon cycles which retain financial value and eliminate emissions through closed loops.

Renewable energy

It all starts in regions with an abundance of space, sun, and wind.

Green hydrogen production

Here, we make use of renewable energy sources to generate massive amounts of green hydrogen.


That is then fused with CO2 to produce green eNG (electric natural gas), which is then liquified.


So it can easily transport through existing pipelines and by ship to energy hubs around the globe. eNG, or synthetic methane, overcomes many of the limitations of hydrogen and difficulties in adapting existing infrastructure to a low-carbon future. While only around 20% of pure hydrogen can realistically be blended into the existing gas supply, our eNG has the same chemical compound and is not bound to any such limits.


At these hubs, the eNG can be distributed as such, or reconverted to green hydrogen and delivered to consumers. The largest European project for CO2-neutral energy is to be built in Wilhelmshaven. With the Green Energy Hub, we plan to realize a central hub for the generation, import, storage and distribution of green energy in Germany and Europe. 


We will supply hydrogen to power the movement of people and goods across land, sea and air. All major transportation modes could benefit from our hydrogen solutions.


Power plant operators can use our green gas to produce renewable power on-demand, utilising green hydrogen storage, so they can effectively solve the intermittency of wind and solar power production. 


Emission-intensive industrial markets can use our products to decarbonise the production of steel, cement, chemicals and petrochemical products without incurring immediate high-scale of capital investments, so they can move more quickly to do so.


Throughout this process, CO2 is captured and shipped back to the source where it is once again fused with green hydrogen to create green methane.

Thereby closing the loop

CO2 is never emitted into the air but kept in our green cycle. This new cycle is a disruption for the energy industry because it includes the capture and reuse of CO2 to produce green synthetic methane from green hydrogen in a closed loop. We expect a CO2 capture rate of 98%.

Decarbonize all fossil fuels

At the same time this solution will decarbonize 100% of our current energy consumption of fossil fuels.

Our products to achieve net-zero

We supply a range of hydrogen solutions to suit your needs. Join us, engage with us and work with us. This is only the beginning!


Green H2




CO2 offtake


Green power

Become part of the cycle